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Your Authoritative Source on Singapore Law: Where Legal Excellence Thrives

Since its inception in 2007, SAL Academy Publishing has been the cornerstone of legal knowledge curation and dissemination.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has fortified our position as a leader in the realm of legal knowledge and publishing. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are driven by the vision of enhancing legal understanding and practice, not only within Singapore but also regionally.

Our mandate is clear:

  • Disseminate Knowledge: Through our law reports, academic journals, and comprehensive law books, we provide a wealth of legal knowledge.
  • Facilitate Access: Our aim is to make essential legal materials affordable and accessible to the legal profession, ensuring the seamless flow of knowledge.
  • Nurture Legal Thought: We offer a unique platform for scholars in our esteemed law schools to share their research and insights, thereby fostering the exchange of ideas vital for the advancement of legal knowledge.

Law Books: Our expansive product portfolio exemplifies the depth and breadth of our dedication to legal excellence. We have :-

  • Law Practice Series: The series aims to publish seminal works in important areas of legal practice.
  • Law Practice Casebook Series: The series aims to complement existing LPS titles and provides a carefully curated selection of important cases and reference material with accompanying short commentaries.
  • The Monograph Series: The series aims to publish treatises providing in-depth, comprehensive analysis of current legal issues.
  • Commercial Law in Asia Series: The series aims to publish high-quality scholarship on commercial laws books in Asia in partnership with Singapore Management University.
  • Heritage Series: The series is a treasure trove of invaluable contributions to Singapore’s legal heritage and literature.
  • Contract Publishing: A unique opportunity to collaborate with us in creating a customized legal publication that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Discover how our expertise in legal publishing can help you.
  • Academy Library: Your gateway to a vast repository of legal digital books. “Carry” as many books with you as you want.

Law Reports:
Beyond the authoritative Singapore Law Reports law reports, which is the official law report series of Singapore, carrying cases from 1965 to current, we publish the Singapore Syariah Appeals Reports as well. These reports are available on LawNet Legal Research one-stop practice portal providing a complete suite of information and transactional solutions for the Singapore and global legal community.

An integral part of Academy Publishing’s aims is to publish journals of the highest quality and making them widely available on its online delivery platform, Journals Online. Researchers can access current content from anywhere in the world in PDF and html, they can read the articles offline and online. In support of Academy Publishing’s aim to develop and provide easy, affordable access to Singapore’s legal jurisprudence, Journals Online provides no-cost, open access to SAL journals: Singapore Academy of Law Journal (SAcLJ) regular and Special issues, Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review of Singapore Cases (SAL Ann Rev) and SAL Practitioner (SAL Prac).

Singapore Law Watch:
We proudly offer a complimentary daily legal news service, catering to the global law community with a focus on Singapore. We aggregate content from over 40 reputable sources, delivering timely updates both through our website and a daily email subscription.

Lawnet Asian Insights:
Empowering corporate legal professionals with practical expertise and the latest legal developments and insights for the region. We are dedicated to providing a rich tapestry of knowledge that delves into the complexities of Asian legal landscapes. Explore our platform to stay ahead in the realm of Asian law.

Houses the SAL Clause Bank, Commercial Precedents, Pleadings, Taxation, an indispensable resource for precision in legal documentation, simplifying legal practice.

Other content available on LawNet: Aside from Academy Library, LawNet Asian Insights and Precedents, LawNet houses Open Law (an open access repository of Singapore Supreme Court judgments from 1965 to current), Legis (access to Singapore Statutes), and the Intelligent Case Retrieval System that allows users to easily identify, locate and retrieve past Singapore cases where the courts had awarded damages for personal injuries.