Senate & Committees

Executive Board

Chief Justice Sundaresh MENON President, SAL
Chair, Board of Governors, Asian Business Law Institute
Attorney-General Mr Lucien WONG SC Vice-President, SAL
Ms Lisa SAM Hui Min

President of the Law Society of Singapore

Justice Aedit ABDULLAH Chair, Promotion of Legal Technology Innovation Committee
Justice Andre Francis MANIAM Representative for Singapore Mediation Centre
Justice Debbie ONG Siew Ling Chair, Learning and Professional Development Committee
Justice GOH Yihan Co-Chair, Legal Research and Publications  Committee
Co-Chair, Learning and Professional Development Committee
Justice Kannan RAMESH Chair, Legal Research and Publications Committee
Justice KWEK Mean Luck Chair, Statutory and Corporate Services Committee
Deputy Attorney-General ANG Cheng Hock SC Chair, Professional Affairs and Membership Committee
Deputy Attorney-General Lionel YEE SC Representative for Legal Service Commission