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Law Reform

Laws must keep in pace with current values and needs of society, and be responsive to changes brought about by modern living and advances in technology. New technology, for example, gives rise to new forms of criminal activities such as cybercrime.

While courts assert a powerful influence on laws in a common law system, judges cannot adjudicate on legal issues not before them. Lawmakers thus need to proactively step in to make the necessary legislative updates.

SAL’s Law Reform Committee aids this process and looks into reform of discrete areas of law not confined to any particular field or doctrinal area. The breadth of reform initiatives since the Committee’s inception in 1989 has been significant, drawing on the input of a small but dedicated team of members, who come from the higher echelons of practice and academia.

The Law Reform Committee consults widely and recommends to the relevant law-making bodies areas of law that need reform. Our recommendations in the past have seen, among other things:

Call for Feedback on Law Reform

We invite feedback on deficiencies or errors in the law encountered in the course of your work. Do write to us with your thoughts and ideas.


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