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The Singapore Academy of Law’s Law Reform Committee recommended that it should be made a criminal offence for a person to stalk another person, that is, for the offender to engage in a course of conduct comprising one or more of a number of acts, including following the victim or a related person; telephoning, sending electronic messages to, or otherwise communicating with or contacting, the victim or a related person; and entering or loitering outside or near the place of residence or of business of the victim or a related person, or any other place frequented by the victim or a related person. It took the view that neither specific intent on the part of the offender to cause harm, nor proof that the victim actually suffered harm, apprehension or fear as a result of the offender’s conduct, should be necessary to establish the offence.

In addition, the Committee recommended that a court should be able to make a prohibition order to prevent further unlawful stalking, and that there should be a means by which an expedited or temporary protection order can be obtained.

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Last updated 11 June 2019



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